"In March of 2022, acclaimed American guitarist Eric Steckel took his Los Angeles-based rhythm section over to Steve Lukather’s “Steakhouse Studio” in North Hollywood for an impromptu live session. With zero autotune, samples, overdubs or re-takes, Eric and his band performed a blistering live set of original tunes which were captured on tape and video. “The Steakhouse Sessions: Vol. 1” is this set of music in its purest live original format."

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“GRANDVIEW DRIVE” | 2020 "Following the rave reviews and critical acclaim of his 2018 "Polyphonic Prayer" album, Eric Steckel set forth this year to record an album that raises the bar yet again while still maintaining the soul and feel of the records his fans know and love. Handling all vocals, guitars, keys, bass and production duties, 2020's "Grandview Drive" takes Eric's signature 'Bluesmetal' sound further into arena rock territory with a bigger mix and production than his previous solo albums. "Grandview Drive" also sees Eric coming into his own as a confident songwriter with radio-friendly tracks and stadium rock hooks, all while maintaining the searing guitar licks and tones that his fans have come to expect from him. "Grandview Drive" is the next step in the progression of Eric's maturation as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, and will be a favorite among those who long for the golden era of guitar-driven Rock."

"POLYPHONIC PRAYER" [2018] "After 3 years of touring the globe in support of the "Black Gold" album, Eric decided it was time to hit the studio again to make the album that had been in his head for years. With the right combination of classic Blues material and new originals; the right production team and ace session drummer, he emerged from the studio with "Polyphonic Prayer," an album that captures the essence of a live Eric Steckel show but with the pristine sounds of a world-class studio. "Polyphonic Prayer" also focuses heavily on Eric's keyboard abilities, each song drenched in beautiful Hammond B3 organ textures. Eric's vocals and guitar tone take a leap forward as well, and long-time fans can follow the progress Eric has made over the years as a recording and touring artist. "Polyphonic Prayer" is the album that threads the needle between all of the influences and genres Eric loves the most, while showcasing his musicianship to it's fullest. Turn it up!"

"BLACK GOLD" [2015] "Black Gold," Eric's return to the studio following 2014's 'California Sessions EP,' is arguably his most diverse effort yet. While deeply rooted in vintage guitar-based rock, this album takes listeners on a musical roller-coaster ride of emotions ranging from the softest, most dynamic Blues ballad to the heaviest, low-tuned Rock anthems with the guitar amps turned up to 11. Eric's signature guitar style shows further maturity on "Black Gold" and helps tell the story of this album. 10 new original songs (which Eric says are his most honest yet), and one interesting cover choice round out the album perfectly. If you harken back to the days when albums were made the old fashioned way with no pedals, no samples, and no drum machines, you will fall in love with "Black Gold." This is rock the way they used to make it.